Procedural Hearing

A Procedural Hearing took place on Monday 29 October 2012 in the Apex International Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS.

The purpose of this hearing was to allow Lord Penrose to hear submissions on behalf of patients, relatives and the Haemophilia Society asking for certain witnesses be called to give further evidence on the Statistics topic. The hearing was open to the public.

Lord Penrose's decision is available below, along with a transcript of the hearing and other relevant documents.

Lord Penrose's Written Decision Lord Penrose Written Decision [PDF - 2Mb]

Submission referred to in footnote 2 of the decision PEN.019.1171 [PDF - 2Mb]

Other documents

Transcript of the Procedural Hearing held on 29 October 2012 Transcript of Procedural Hearing - 29 October 2012 [PDF - 179Kb]

Letter from Inquiry Team to Thompsons Solicitors concerning their application to recall or call certain witnesses on the Statistics topic, 27 September 2012 PEN.019.1246 [PDF - 86Kb]

Response on behalf of patients, relatives and the Haemophilia Society, 19 October 2012 PEN.019.1248 [PDF - 251Kb]

The Right Honourable Lord Penrose